Busy week of fundraising

To be honest, I’m surprised the members of Dynamic are still standing today due to the hectic week we’ve had!
The week started off on an extremely hot note! On the sunniest day of the year Dynamic were standing at the tills of Morrison’s (http://www.morrisons.co.uk) in Chelmsford helping people pack their shopping bags! Whilst we had a lot of people taking one look at us and deciding they were safer packing their own bags, we had a HUGE amount who did want their bags packed Dynamic style! Thanks to the customers at Morrison’s we raised £718, which brings our total for the previous bag packing day to £1180!

Following that, Friday was the busiest days we’ve had in a while. We spent the day at Anglia Ruskin University competing in the Chelmsford Engineering Society Awards. The whole day was us introducing people to our project whilst managing to stimulate huge enthusiasm for what we do. We also got amazing feedback boosting the team’s morale and showing us why we love this competition so much! Days like these really show us why we take part in this all encompassing challenge, encouraging others to use their talents and passion to achieve amazing things!

Later on that night we had another fundraising night at our school called Evening of Entertainment, which entailed over 30 unique acts performing to a large crowd in our school hall. The night was incredible, filled with people supporting us in our aim to get to Malaysia.

I’ve realised I normally end every post by thanking people, and this post in no exception!
Thank you to the customers and staff at Morrison’s who really helped us feel welcome! Also thank you to the people who came and looked at our stand at CES, who showed us the same enthusiasm that we believe we have. And last but not least a massive thank you to those who performed on Friday as well as those who came to watch them. The week went without a hitch and that is all thanks to the brilliant supporters we have! We could never do this without you!


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