Red Bull Factory…an average day

Dynamic experienced a rare day yesterday! A day that did not involve sitting in front of computers all day but instead involved getting a once in a life time tour around the Red Bull Factory in Milton Keynes. Apart from getting the obvious prize from winning the UK National Finals, we were also given the prize of a tour.
 Although we aim to function like a succesful F1 team, we have never truly gained an insight into the goings on and atmosphere of one. This day provided us with a chance to see the processes that Red Bull undertake on a daily basis, meaning a benefit for not only our engineers but for every member of our team.  Not only did we acquire valuable advice,  all our aspirations in life became that little bit clearer with Dynamic all confirming that this is the field they want to be part of in the future. 

We would like to thank F1 in Schools for organising this trip for us but also Red Bull and Steve Nevey who took time out for us.


One of the few chances we had the opportunity to take photos!


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