Dynamic Defend Title Earning UK National Title

Well, where to start!
The most obvious place to start is the thank you’s. Dynamic would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supports and sponsors us. We really wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your kind words and help. The support of our friends, family and sponsors have pulled us through the dark times, pointing out the amazing challenge we are lucky enough to be involved with.Dynamic are fortunate enough to meet amazing people who are the real unsung heroes here! We aren’t just about 5 students having fun , we are about trying to show the world what hard work and determination can do, what the youth of today are really capable of! This weekend has been an opportunity for us to meet others who share the same passion as us, we met talented students from other teams. We have really met the future of Formula 1!

The weekend is still a blur, but whilst we are still registering the fact that we didn’t only defend our title but also receive the new Research and Development award from Ferrari we had to say thank you to everyone.


One Response to “Dynamic Defend Title Earning UK National Title”

  1. Everyone so proud. As you say – you are excellent example of what youngsters can achieve given determination and support.

    Seize the day 🙂

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