Bags Packed, Cars Checked and Speeches Read

Its 19 hours till the Nationals. Right now ‘lively’ discussions are taking place on last minute changes, whether documents are printed and whether we have enough plasters to cope with the blisters that will appear on the girls feet over the weekend!

Not much can be said about our current position right now except that we are prepared; well we believe that we are. Each one of us looks a mess, dark circles and bags underneath our eyes, mismatched clothes and short fuses, but there is no doubt that we are ready.

But we would never have got to this stage without our loyal sponsors and supporters, putting up with our indecisive minds and un-sociable hours. Hope the Nationals are ready for us, because we sure are ready for them.


One Response to “Bags Packed, Cars Checked and Speeches Read”

  1. Go for it Dynamic.

    Everyone right behind you

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