Dynamic have only just returned home from school, working throughout the day making final preparations, even though in under 11 hours Dynamic will be jetting off to Kuala Lumpur! But that is how Dynamic operate best…under pressure!




We’ve got the basics, but lets just hope we’ve remembered to pack everything else because tomorrow we will be sitting on a plane without the capabilities of doing anything! The moment we can finally sit down and think we’ve done everything we can possible do is soon approaching and I personally can not wait; 14 hours of just watching films and sleeping makes me go weak at the knees!

Just to give you a taster of what is to expect from Dynamic we’ve uploaded a short video of our car!


Next you’ll hear from us is when we’re on the other side of the world!
Selamat malam


We’re now at the stage where we can count the number of days until we jet off, on our fingers!

Dynamic are now officially back at school, we now have to venture out of our DT home into lessons with people other than Dynamic. Without dwelling too much on school work we have the added stress of writing our personal statement! The joys!

All is not dark and gloomy though….. our display boards are finally collected! It’s now another thing we can officially tick of our ever growing list! We can’t thank Olympic Sign Services enough for the quick turn around  of our display boards and the outstanding quality they have been produced with.


Only 999, 999 things left to do!


To be honest, I’m surprised the members of Dynamic are still standing today due to the hectic week we’ve had!
The week started off on an extremely hot note! On the sunniest day of the year Dynamic were standing at the tills of Morrison’s ( in Chelmsford helping people pack their shopping bags! Whilst we had a lot of people taking one look at us and deciding they were safer packing their own bags, we had a HUGE amount who did want their bags packed Dynamic style! Thanks to the customers at Morrison’s we raised £718, which brings our total for the previous bag packing day to £1180!

Following that, Friday was the busiest days we’ve had in a while. We spent the day at Anglia Ruskin University competing in the Chelmsford Engineering Society Awards. The whole day was us introducing people to our project whilst managing to stimulate huge enthusiasm for what we do. We also got amazing feedback boosting the team’s morale and showing us why we love this competition so much! Days like these really show us why we take part in this all encompassing challenge, encouraging others to use their talents and passion to achieve amazing things!

Later on that night we had another fundraising night at our school called Evening of Entertainment, which entailed over 30 unique acts performing to a large crowd in our school hall. The night was incredible, filled with people supporting us in our aim to get to Malaysia.

I’ve realised I normally end every post by thanking people, and this post in no exception!
Thank you to the customers and staff at Morrison’s who really helped us feel welcome! Also thank you to the people who came and looked at our stand at CES, who showed us the same enthusiasm that we believe we have. And last but not least a massive thank you to those who performed on Friday as well as those who came to watch them. The week went without a hitch and that is all thanks to the brilliant supporters we have! We could never do this without you!


Line of Models

Think of Formula One and you automatically think of speed,
suspense and pure adrenaline. However, you wouldn’t be mistaken if your first
thought was of the glitz and glamour that is often associated with the sport.
Formula One teams use this to promote themselves as well as extending the
attractiveness of the sport, therefore what better way for Dynamic to raise
money and promote themselves but by holding a fashion show.

We rounded up 8 beautiful models of all different shapes and sizes to bring a
sense of glamour to F1 in Schools. These models then paraded numerous outfits
for all occasions up and down a catwalk in front of an audience of over 100
people. The night went without a hitch proving to be a successful night raising
in the region of £1000!

Similar to other F1 teams the glamour is only experienced for a moment, then its
back to the day job! Better start trying to win the World Championships!

On another note we would like to say a massive thank you to the
models…Alethea Ho You, Emily Masters, Hannah Thompson, Fiona Giles, Christine
Webb, Stella McKenna and Monica Morley.



Dynamic experienced a rare day yesterday! A day that did not involve sitting in front of computers all day but instead involved getting a once in a life time tour around the Red Bull Factory in Milton Keynes. Apart from getting the obvious prize from winning the UK National Finals, we were also given the prize of a tour.
 Although we aim to function like a succesful F1 team, we have never truly gained an insight into the goings on and atmosphere of one. This day provided us with a chance to see the processes that Red Bull undertake on a daily basis, meaning a benefit for not only our engineers but for every member of our team.  Not only did we acquire valuable advice,  all our aspirations in life became that little bit clearer with Dynamic all confirming that this is the field they want to be part of in the future. 

We would like to thank F1 in Schools for organising this trip for us but also Red Bull and Steve Nevey who took time out for us.


One of the few chances we had the opportunity to take photos!


It’s been a long old week, for Dynamic, a stressful one at the least.
We are proud to announce that our Manufacturing Engineer has become Head Boy at our school! In addition, our Team Manager is Deputy Head Girl and our Design Engineer and Resource Manager are all head of houses! The school leadership team is slowly being taken over by Dynamic.

On other news, we are proud to announce that we have gained another sponsor. Details are all under wraps at the moment but as soon as we can announce it we will post a comment for you.


So the Easter Holidays have just started and teenagers all over the UK are either sitting in their gardens or vegging in front of the T.V.  But what are the 5 members of Dynamic doing? Sitting in school doing what we do best, being anF1 team. At this present time we are hastily emailing companies and shops asking for assistance in our up and coming events, whilst planning our assault on the World Championships. So whilst everyone is catching up on their long-awaited tans Dynamic are staying nice and pale, concentrating on not only competing in Malaysia but bringing home that big trophy for the UK.

It’s not like we have exams or anything!


Well, where to start!
The most obvious place to start is the thank you’s. Dynamic would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supports and sponsors us. We really wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your kind words and help. The support of our friends, family and sponsors have pulled us through the dark times, pointing out the amazing challenge we are lucky enough to be involved with.Dynamic are fortunate enough to meet amazing people who are the real unsung heroes here! We aren’t just about 5 students having fun , we are about trying to show the world what hard work and determination can do, what the youth of today are really capable of! This weekend has been an opportunity for us to meet others who share the same passion as us, we met talented students from other teams. We have really met the future of Formula 1!

The weekend is still a blur, but whilst we are still registering the fact that we didn’t only defend our title but also receive the new Research and Development award from Ferrari we had to say thank you to everyone.


Its 19 hours till the Nationals. Right now ‘lively’ discussions are taking place on last minute changes, whether documents are printed and whether we have enough plasters to cope with the blisters that will appear on the girls feet over the weekend!

Not much can be said about our current position right now except that we are prepared; well we believe that we are. Each one of us looks a mess, dark circles and bags underneath our eyes, mismatched clothes and short fuses, but there is no doubt that we are ready.

But we would never have got to this stage without our loyal sponsors and supporters, putting up with our indecisive minds and un-sociable hours. Hope the Nationals are ready for us, because we sure are ready for them.


So Dynamic have a blog, where we can easily let the public know our various stages and achievements.
So how do Dynamic go that extra mile; well obviously by establishing a website AND a Twitter account. Dynamic can now announce that to find out more detail about us and our challenge is you can now visit our anticipated website : Here you can find out more about each member of our team, about the challenge, our extensive mechandise range, the list goes on. However if you just quickly want an update on Dynamic’s whereabouts and news then follow us on twitter under #f1dynamic.
Dynamic are taking over the web!